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Another e-book reader has recently come up on Japanese market. Biblio Leaf by Toshiba and KDDI will be available for Japanese KDDI customers with a contract for $20/month. Design is suble, it features tall electronic paper display with a resolution of 800X600pxl and a number of buttons to change pages and other functions. It includes [...]

Every laptom user has already experienced the problem with reheating of a laptop. There is a lot of different cooling pads and supports on the market but they are usueally noisy and too big to be carried everywhere. Blue Lounge came with a simple and elegant solution, cool feet are light and handy. Cool Feet [...]

This iPod dock inspired by a retro horn gramophone is made from ceramic. Available in snow white it suits any interior design. Besides that it provides sound amplification up to 60 decibels.  Recommended price of Phonefone III is  $228 much cheaper than the previous model Phonefone II that cost more than  $800. http://trendsupdates.com/phonefone-iii-is-more-of-a-sculpture-than-a-docking-station/

An industrial designer Jan Leyssens has created a prototype laptop powered only by solar energy. It get an unusual name “IMEC Meets Howest”. Why? Ask the author! It is reportedly the first laptop powered only by two solar cells,  making from a compact product as a laptop an ultra-mobile device.  The Jan Leyssens`s prototype shows [...]

Although I am  a lover of printed books (I prefer smell of new ones) I must admit that e-books have already acquired great position in our loves. The new way of reading them was intrudced by Dragan Trencevski and his eRoll, which is more similar to a normal book, mainly thanks to the fact, that [...]

A few days ago we wrote about 2015 wearable computer and this time it´s 2020 Sony Nextep computer that is also wearable on the wrist but it is slightly bigger. Its construction is in fact OLED touchscreen that serves also as a watch while it is on your wrist. There is also a holographic projector (for [...]

Have you ever tried to imagine the computer of the year 2015? Well, 5 year from now on, I wouldn´ t suppose such a big change! HOLO 2.0 is a fashionable wearable computer that you can keep with you all the time! Designed by Elodie Delassus, Pradeep Kamath, Rucha Shinde, Taha Poonawala, and Asher Kandelar it is [...]

Bendy M is mouse that is sold as a flat strip that can be turn into a mouse. Although it has nothing to do with the animal after which the computer gadget was coined, it is a real pc mouse that is much easier to store:). buy generic levitra online uk On the flat strip [...]

This sleek fire red mouse may be a perfect Valentine’s gift. Smooth and beautiful. Until you see the whole thing from above.

The device of the flexible display allows a new concept in notebook design growing out of the traditional bookformed laptop into unfurling and convolving portable computer. By virtue of the OLED-Display technology and a multi touch screen the utility of a laptop computer with its weight of a mini-notebook and screen size of 13 inch [...]


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